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You will not find an easier solution to your publishing needs.  Publish Me Instantly is simple to use, with personal service and enjoy our affordable hassle free service.  Simply follow our straight forward check list and let us take care of the rest!

Kindle Edition (electronic version only) $199
Paperback Version $299

Premium Kindle and Paperback Amazon version $399.  Save $99 by having them published electronically and on paper at the same time.
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Custom Cover Design $99

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Print Only
Ebook & Print
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Client Testimonials

"This is an awesome service by real personable people who listen and treat you with respect. Thanks Rob and Jacq for making this process easy and affordable for me."

- Dustin B. Texas

"When I first sought to get published I thought I was going to have to spend $8,000 upfront. I didn't have that, so I almost gave up until I talked to Rob about what they can do for me. Now I'm selling my books on Amazon! And, Publish Me Instantly is the only service I need for it. Thank you so much."

- Robert H.

"Oh. My. God. The final product is breathtaking! The cover, the format, everything looks great! It is visually more appealing than anything I could have dreamed of and all of the credit goes to you. Thank you so much for making this happen! Worth every penny and then some!"

- Kyle Soppe.